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Start with the anthology TALES FROM THE FATHOMLESS ABYSS

“At the heart of it, science fiction and fantasy authors are at play in the fields of wonder, fueled by “what if” and held hostage by the people, places and problems that populate our wacky, slightly-offset imaginations and spill out of us in Story. And if you love Story, you’re in for a solid meal here. And this is just the appetizer. Over the next few months, the real meal begins as the individual titles make their way into the world.”

—Ken Scholes, from his introduction

Combine six of the finest fantasy authors working in the genre today: Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen, Jay Lake, Mel Odom, J.M. McDermott, and Cat Rambo, and mix in veteran editor and New York Times best-selling author Philip Athans and award-winning artist Mats Minnhagen, and what comes out is The Fathomless Abyss: a wild new fantasy world where the laws of physics only work against you, there’s no way out, and time means nothing.

This is the world of the Fathomless Abyss, a bottomless pit that opens who-knows-when onto who-knows-where, just long enough for new people from a thousand different worlds and a million different times to fall in and join the fight for survival in a place where the slightest misstep means an everlasting fall into eternity.

Tales from the Fathomless Abyss features six new short stories, and it’s only the beginning. From here, each author will branch out to spin a series of new books sharing this impossible, explosive, infinite setting.

Your fall into the Fathomless Abyss begins here.



IT’S MINE by J.M. McDermott


THE ASCENT by Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen



Buy now for the KINDLE or NOOK.

Your fall continues with the first full-length novella:


by Philip Athans

When the Fathomless Abyss opens onto an unsuspecting world, the Smog that chokes its upper regions is released. And with the Smog come the Tabagie—raiders and scavengers from thousands of different worlds and thousands of different epochs. The Tabagie get what they can, while they can, then the Abyss closes again, and no one knows how long it will be before it opens once more.

When the Abyss opened on Earth in 1986, Keegan O’Malley fell in, and Guillermo Cordova floated out. Keegan is left trying to adapt to a strange new world populated by a mix of aliens from the far-flung reaches of the universe and humans from both his past and his future. And Guillermo, a 16th Century Spanish Conquistador, will have to make his way in a future world that’s no less alien.

But Guillermo knows something Keegan doesn’t.

He knows when and where the Fathomless Abyss will open next.

Philip Athans, the New York Times best-selling author of Annihilation, leads a team of fantasy and science fiction veterans into a bizarre new world, and a fascinating new project: a shared world series as exotic and expansive as the infinite Abyss.

Buy now for the KINDLE or NOOK.

Then fall even deeper in with …


by J.M. McDermott

She was born there, in the Smog, every day breathing more smoke than air. She was strange, even in a bottomless hell full of creatures from a million worlds. She was doomed to a life of servitude. She was lonely. She was worried about her dying father. She was suspicious of her lying mother. She was scared. She was getting angry.

And she wanted answers.

The Fathomless Abyss can open any time and anywhere, and things fall in, or crawl in, from a million worlds across a million years. Deep in the bottomless expanse of this impossible world lies a doorway to truth, or an entrance to an even worse hell.

Join ground-breaking fantasist J.M. McDermott, author of Last Dragon and the Dogsland Trilogy, for a trip deep into the nightmare of self, and the burning desire for redemption.

Buy now for the KINDLE or NOOK.

Now available…


by Cat Rambo

A Seed on the Wind is the first part of Cat Rambo’s lyrical exploration of the bottomless world of the Fathomless Abyss.

When the people of a million worlds and a million times fall into the Abyss, they bring with them not only the better angels of their natures, but their worst. And there are some who find solace in a fantasy within a fantasy, a dream within a dream … what usually becomes a nightmare within a nightmare, a hell within a hell…

When the slightest misplaced step can send you falling forever and ever, there can be a compulsion to get high, and stay that way. And Bill has come in to a little bit of money, and a lot of lost time. And he discovers that in an impossible place that goes forever downward, the deepest abyss may be in his own heart.

In A Seed on the Wind Endeavor Award finalist Cat Rambo, author of Near+Far and Eyes Like Sky and Coal and Moonlight begins a mind-altering exploration of the ever-evolving world of the Fathomless Abyss.

Buy now for the KINDLE or NOOK.


A Fathomless Abyss Short Story by J.M. McDermott

“Are You Listening?” Is a new short story by J.M. McDermott, author of the Dogsland Trilogy, set in the evolving shared world of the Fathomless Abyss.


The Abyss has a top but no bottom. When you fall in, you fall forever. When the Crown closes, you make a new home for yourself among the captive population from a million worlds and a million epochs…or you die trying.

For a sentient plant, the Abyss brings only pain and slavery, until it learns to speak.

“Are You Listening?” is an introduction to an impossible new fantasy world from the creative minds of Philip Athans, Jay Lake, Mike Resnick & Brad R. Torgersen, Cat Rambo, and J.M. McDermott.

Fall in with them, and find your place in the Fathomless Abyss.

Available now, exclusively for the Kindle!

All of the Fathomless Abyss books feature original cover art by Mats Minnhagen.


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